Planet friendly cards

What if every time you sent a card to someone you love you could also help the planet? 
plantr cards was born out of a desire to reduce the sending of cards which are looked at momentarily and then thrown in the bin. 
We believe there’s a better way. Sending a plantable card is not only better for the environment, but a little bit more fun! 


100% plantable.  

The Cards: 

plantr cards are designed to be good for the planet. The paper our cards are printed on is made from 100% FSC certified and biodegradable fibres and has seeds sprinkled in it during the hand making process (check out the dots below in the picture!!). 

The envelopes: 

The envelope your card is delivered in to that special someone is made from 100% recycled paper. Once they receive it, they can also recycle it to keep the circle going! 


Carbon positive. 

In addition to our cards being plantable and created from 100% FSC certified and biodegradable fibres we wanted to go further.

We're a climate positive workforce. That means we don't just offset our emissions.

We’ve partnered with Ecologi to give back to the planet. 


We fund eco-projects across the world that remove more greenhouse gases than we create as a company.

That means we offset every employees carbon emissions- leading to the planting of 12 trees a month and the removal of 1.2 tonnes of CO2 every month. Our aim is to contribute to the reduction of 15 tonnes of carbon reduction by the end of 2021.
In addition, we’ve committed to donate a proportion of our sales every month.

 For every card we sell we plant a tree 🌳


 Checkout the forest we're growing in partnership with Ecologi here


You can learn more about Ecologi and the great work they’re doing by clicking the logo below. 



Last updated: March 2021

We'll keep this page up to date as we continue on our journey so you can always see where we're at.