How to plant

Congratulations on receiving a plantable card from someone special! 
With a tree planted for every card sold you’re helping to reduce the impact we have on earth.  
Now you've finished enjoying your card we can’t wait for you to turn your card from paper to plant 
Step 1: Preparation

First of all, find a medium sized pot and fill this with potting soil so it’s around 2/3 full. Think carefully about whether you want to place it indoors or outdoors to grow, because sunlight & warmth is needed but the seed paper shouldn’t be in excessive heat. For our poppy seed card mid-spring or summer is the best period to plant it. 

Step 2: Planting

Now the real work begins! Submerge your card in water for at least an hour. Next, place the soaked card in to the pot (tear up into smaller pieces if necessary). Then sprinkle a very thin layer of soil over the paper and pop it in a sunny spot (ideally with 6-8 hours sunlight per day). 

Step 3: Watering

Once you’ve planted the paper in the pot, water it until it is moist but don’t drown it! Ensure you keep the paper moist for the first 15-30 days so that the seeds can germinate. After all, they need to be able to wriggle themselves free from the paper! 

Step 4: Let it grow

Watch as your plantr card begins to sprout. As soon as the first seeds begin to germinate, it’s best to ensure you keep the paper moist but a little less than before, because the sprouts can easily drown. If the plants then become a little firmer and larger, continue to water them occasionally and ensure they don’t dry out. When the seedlings have grown (around 6-8 weeks) you can then re-pot them into a larger pot or plant them directly in your garden. 

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